Overcoming the Devil

Second Sunday of Lent


On the second Sunday of lent, we talk about TEMPTATION, and how the Lord Jesus Christ –tempted by the devil three times- overcame and trampled the Evil one (Matthew 4:1-11 & Luke 4:1-13). In a similar wilderness, the people of Israel –long ago after their exodus from Egypt- were tempted and morally fell (Exodus 17, 17 & 23). We are reminded to always beware of how devious and cunning the Devil can be, and also that he is the father of lies and deceptions. St. John Chrysostom’s* five paths of repentance outlines the Obedient way back to God and thus clarifies how to overcome the Disobedience that leads to perdition. The five paths of repentance are summarized as:


  1. Condemnation of sin – Calling sin exactly what it is, “very sinful”!
  2. Forgetting the harm done by others – As much as we do this, so much will our own sins against the Lord be forgiven!
  3. Prayer – Fervent prayer, sincere and focused prayer, prayer coming from the depths of the heart!
  4. Giving of alms – This has great power as we share the gift God gave us with others!
  5. Acting with modesty and humility – Look at the publican, who had no good deeds to speak of. In place of good deeds he offered humility, and the huge burden of his sins fell away.


* St. John Chrysostom is one of the greatest Early Church Fathers of the 5th Century (357-407 AD). He was the Patriarch Archbishop of Constantinople. His eloquent preaching earned him the title of “Chrysostom”, meaning “the golden-mouthed”. His call to repentance and moral reform won him enmity with the Empress who exiled him.


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