Cancelled- HOUSE Bible Study Group

December 29, 2019 @ 11:35 am – 12:15 pm

The HOUSE Bible Study Group is COR’s second Sunday service beginning at 11:35 am. It’s a time when we search the word of God and become empowered to live out our faith. This is a suitable service to attend if you would like to explore the Holy Scriptures and desire to learn practical Biblical teachings. Each week at The HOUSE, we dive deep into the unchangeable and very relevant word of God in order to explore thought-provoking topics that challenge us to grow in our faith, and help us work through our doubts. While you are enjoying The HOUSE, your children can benefit from our great Children & Young Youth programs for ages pre-school through Junior High.

The name comes from the repeated times when we are told in the New Testament that “Jesus is in the house”. The presence of Jesus our Lord in our midst is what we desire the most. To be with Him, is to be in the Kingdom of God, which starts here on Earth and is consummated by His second coming in Heaven. When Jesus was in the house, four friends brought a paralytic to Him and He forgave this man’s sins and healed his sickness. To him, the house was an ordinary place that took on extraordinary meaning and significance through the encounter he had there with a Man called Jesus. The paralytic was brought by his friends one way, but left completely different– completely transformed on both the inside and the outside. Similarly, the HOUSE Bible Study Group is a place where friends bring each other to be in the presence of Jesus who teaches, forgives and heals. That’s why we’re here. The goal of the HOUSE Bible Study today is to become an ordinary place where people sit with Jesus and lives to be transformed forever.