Church Repairs Campaign – COR

$28,310 of $25,000 raised

Beloved Church Family, as we continue to thank our Lord for the blessings of the various Church services, we request your prayers and financial support as we perform the following repairs to our
Church building, the total cost of which is estimated to be about $25,000:

1) Extend the Deacons’ platform to accommodate more Deacons.

2) Order small chairs for the Deacons’ platform.

3) Install a railing around the Deacons’ platform.

4) Replace the Church carpet.

5) Erect an 8 foot wall in the warehouse to help limit children’s exposure to the other warehouse area.

6) Install a closet for the Deacons’ tunics.

7) Refinish the washroom in the warehouse

8) Install a water fountain.

9) Install an additional exhaust fan in the kitchen to help reduce the cooking fumes.

10) Replace two HVAC roof-top units to restore the heat in the Sunday School area

Please consider contributing through one of the following payment channels listed here. Thank you for your love through your prayers and offerings! May our Lord continue to keep the doors of His Church open for us and our children!

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