Today the Virgin

After the reading of the Synaxarion, the congregation chants the following hymn for the Nativity.

?paryenoc c/meron ton ;uperoucion tikti : ke ;/g/to ;cp/leon tw ;aprocitw ;procagi.

Aggeli meta pimenwn doxologouci : magi de meta acteroc : ;odiporouci : di ;/mac gar ;egenn/y/ : pedion neon : ;o;proewnwn Yeoc.


E Parthenos symeron ton iperousion tikti, ke i gito spileon, to aprosito eprosagi.

Angeli meta pimenon doxologhousi, magi the meta asteros othiporousi, di imas ghar egennithi, pe thion neon, o-epro-eonon Theos.

Today the Virgin gives birth to the Supreme Essence and the earth offers the manger to the Unapproachable.

The angels with the shepherds glorify, and the wise men with the star journey, for to us is born a new Child, God before the ages.