Kiahk Praises

December 10, 2022 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

We begin the blessed Coptic month of Kiahk, also called the “Marian month” becauseof its association with our beloved Mother Saint Mary.  It is a month of preparation for the gloriousFeast of the Nativity and it includes the events that lead up to the Birth ofour Lord; namely, the annunciation of St. John the Baptist’s birth, theAnnunciation of Christ’s birth, the birth of St. John the Baptist, and theBirth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  


Partof this blessed journey includes joining together with the angels and saints inChurch to chant the Kiahk praises, which will begin after Vespers at 7:30 pmand continue until 9 pm.  For thoseattending COR Faith until 8:30 pm, please join us as for the remainder of thepraises during this blessed and unique month in our liturgical calendar!

Maythe prayers and intercessions of our beloved Mother Saint Mary be with us andmay we be enriched by the blessings of this Coptic month!